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Click Here for Beading Tools & Supplies ___________________________

Featuring: -Bead Cord & Needles, -Beading Boards, -Cable, -Pliers Cutters & Crimpers, -Kits,    -Videos, -Glue, -Tweezers, -Awls, -Reamers, Metal Beads & Gemstone Beads _________

Click Here for Bench Tools _______________________________________

Featuring: -Pliers Cutters & Shears, -Ring Stretchers, -Vises & Clamps, -Bench Blocks, -Scribes,     -Files, -Saws & Blades, -Hammers,- Mandrels, -Burnishers, -Screwdrivers, and Scoops ___

Click Here for Books DVDs & Videos ______________________________

Featuring How-To Instruction on Everything from Beading to Casting and Rockhounding____

Click Here for Lapidary Supplies _________________________________

Featuring: -Diamond Wheels, -Sanding Belts, -Diamond Compounds, Blades & Disks _____

Click Here for Magnifiers & Measuring Tools _______________________

Featuring: -Optivisors, -Loupes, -Bench Magnifiers, -Calipers, Gauges, Rulers, -Finger Sizers,    -Mandrels, -Diamond Testers, & Scales ______________________________________

Click Here for Polishing Tools & Equipment and Safety Supplies ______

Featuring: -Dust Collectors, -Polishing Motors, Flex-Shafts, - Burs, -Drills- Arbors, -Wheels,      -Compounds,-Ring Cones & Buffs, -Mandrels, -Kits, -Silicone & Pumice Wheels, -Cones, -UltraSonics, Solutions, -Jewelry Cleaners, Sprays, Tarnish Removers & Cloths -Safety Supplies

Click Here for Soldering Tools ____________________________________

Featuring: -Torches, -Pickle & Pots, -Tweezers, -Solder & Fluxes, -Blocks, -Strikers _____

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