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Examples of Adjustable/Arthritic Ring Shanks 'Adjustable' Ring Shanks...

Our Adjustable Ring Shanks provide the solution to the problem of enlarged or arthritic knuckes. They allow the shank to 'adjust' to a larger opening to pass the knuckle and then close to fit properly around the finger. These shanks are solid casting assembled with no solder so they can be soldered as a replacement section to your ring. Each Adjustable Ring Shank comes with tips for intallation and use.

141-099 Click Here for the Standard Full-Opening Style Shank_____

141-099-2 Click Here for the Flared-End, Full-Opening Style Shank___

141-099-3 Click Here for the Standard Hinged Style Shank___________

141-099-4 Click Here for the Flared-End, Hinged Style Shank ________

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