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Pendant Examples   Pendants...

For Faceted Gems _________________________________________

Rounds          Ovals              Emerald Cut       Marquise Cut       Pears             Hearts

Trillions          Squares         Tourmalines  _______________________________________

For Cabochon Cut Gems____________________________________

 Oval Cabs    Round Cabs    Marquise Cabs    Heart Cabs    Pear Cabs    Oval Triplets

Create Multi-Stone Pendants Using the Interchangeable Settings System ___

The Interchangeable Settings System __________________________________________

For Pearls _______________________________________________________

For Half-Drilled Pearls _____________________________________________________

Without Stones:   Charms:   Coin Mounts:   Initials: ___________

Without Stones       Charms      Coin Mounts        Initials __________________________

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