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You May Use the 'Link Tables' Below to See All the Settings Available for a Gem Size...

For Faceted Gems...   _____________________________

Click a Shape & Size of a Gem to See Our Entire Selection of Settings for that Size Gem...

Round Oval Emerald* Marquise Pear Heart Square* Triangle* Tourmaline
1.6mm 5x3mm 5x3mm 4x2mm 5x3mm 4x4mm 4x4mm 4x4mm 4mm
2mm 6x4mm 5x4mm 5x2.5mm 6x4mm 5x5mm 5x5mm 5x5mm 5mm
2.25mm 7x5mm 6x4mm 6x3mm 7x5mm 6x6mm 6x6mm 6x6mm 6mm
2.5mm 8x6mm 6x5mm 8x4mm 8x5mm 7x7mm 7x7mm 7x7mm 7mm
3mm 9x7mm 7x5mm 10x5mm 9x6mm 8x8mm 8x8mm 8x8mm 8mm
3.5mm 10x8mm 8x6mm 12x6mm 10x7mm 9x9mm 9x9mm 9x9mm 9mm
4mm 11x9mm 9x7mm 14x7mm 11x7mm 10x10mm 10x10mm 10x10mm 10mm
4.5mm 12x6mm 10x8mm 16x8mm 12x8mm 11x11mm 11x11mm 11x11mm 11mm
5mm 12x8mm 11x9mm 18x9mm 13x9mm 12x12mm 12x12mm 12x12mm 12mm
5.5mm 12x10mm 12x10mm 20x10mm 14x8mm 13x13mm 13x13mm 13x13mm 13mm
6mm 13x11mm 14x10mm   14x11mm 14x14mm 14x14mm 14x14mm 14mm
6.5mm 14x10mm 14x12mm   15x10mm 15x15mm   15x15mm 15mm
7mm 14x12mm 16x12mm   16x12mm 16x16mm   16x16mm 16mm
8mm 15x13mm 18x13mm   17x11mm       17mm
9mm 16x12mm 19x14mm   17x14mm       18mm
10mm 18x13mm 20x15mm   18x13mm       19mm
11mm 20x12mm 23x17mm   19x12mm       20mm
12mm 20x15mm 25x18mm   19x16mm       21mm
13mm 22x15mm 27x20mm   20x15mm       22mm
14mm 23x17mm 30x22mm   21x13mm       23mm
15mm 24x14mm     21x18mm       24mm
16mm 25x18mm     22x15mm       30mm
17mm 27x20mm     25x18mm        
18mm 30x22mm     26x16mm        
19mm       27x20mm        
20mm       30x22mm        























*Emerald Cut Gems are Rectangular in Shape and have 'Cross-Cut' (Not Pointed) Corners.

*Square Gems have 'Cross-Cut' (Not Pointed) Corners.

*Triangle Cut Gems have Flat Sides and Pointed Corners.
    -Trillion Shapes have Curved Sides and Generally Fit in the Next Largest Size of Setting...


For Cabochon Cut Gems...   __________________________

Click a Shape & Size of a Gem to See Our Entire Selection of Settings for that Size Gem...

Round Oval Marquise Pear Heart Triplet*
3mm 6x4mm 6x3mm 5x3mm 5x5mm 8x6mm
4mm 7x5mm 8x4mm 6x4mm 6x6mm 10x8mm
5mm 8x6mm 10x5mm 7x5mm 7x7mm 12x10mm
6mm 9x7mm 12x6mm 8x5mm 8x8mm  
7mm 10x8mm 14x7mm 9x6mm    
8mm 11x9mm 16x8mm 10x7mm    
9mm 12x10mm   12x8mm    
10mm 13x11mm   13x9mm    
11mm 14x7mm   15x10mm    
12mm 14x10mm   16x12mm    
13mm 14x12mm   18x13mm    
14mm 16x12mm        




















*Triplet Refers to Triplet-Constructed Cabochon Cut Gems...
    -Our Triplet Settings are Made to Inset and Cover the Triplet Bases...