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Examples of the Interchageable Settings System  -Interchangeable Settings System...

Our 'Interchangeable Settings System' allows you to create Multi-Stone Pendants or Earrings and even Bracelets! Each setting has loops on one side and pegs on the other that allows them to be assembled using only pliers, -no soldering necessary! And, they are all interchangeable! -So, you can mix sizes, shapes and even faceted gems and cabochons. (At the end of the Bracelet Section below, there is also a link to a printable page listing setting lengths and bracelet suggestions.)

Click on a Picture Below for Your Choice of Settings ______________________

147-710   147-711   147-712   147-750   147-720   147-740   147-760   147-780   147-790   147-650 ______________________________

Click on a Picture Below for Your Choice of Pendant or Earring Finishing Findings

149-110   149-111   142-110   142-111   146-110   146-111   147-110   147-111                                                                   Dangle Bails Examples_____________________________________________________________________________

Click on a Picture Below for Bracelet Finishing Findings and Extensions _____

149-813   149-913   149-911   149-912   248-113  Instructions ______

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