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Dangle Setting ExamplesDangle Settings...

Use these Dangle Settings to Create Dangle Pendants by Adding Dangle Bails...          ...or to Create Dangle Earrings by Adding Dangle Earrings!

Link to Dangle Bails Link to Enhancer Dangle Bails Link to Omega Dangle Bails    Link to Dangle Earrings

Dangles Settings For Faceted Gems __________________________________

Rounds  Ovals   Emerald Cuts   Marquise Cut    Pears   Hearts   Trillions    Tourmalines _

Dangles Settings For Cabochon Cut Gems_____________________________

 Ovals Cabs    Round Cabs    Marquise Cabs    Pear Cabs   ________________________

Create Multi-Stone Dangles Using the Interchangeable Settings System ___

The Interchangeable Settings System __________________________________________

Specialty Dangle Settings _________________________________________

Back-Set Bezels     Coin Mounts    Charms       Initials      _________________________

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