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Oval Easy Mount Ring
Jewelry that's
ready to set...


Oval Blue Topaz& natural gems
...Blue Topaz 


Finished Setting with Oval Topazadd your labor
(about 15 min.)

A Proven Money Maker!

Here's Why...

We show you how to create beautiful jewelry using our unique
Easy Mount Settings and MasterPiece Gems.
With our products and just one tool you will be able to set gems
into jewelry easier than you would ever believe.
...And it's very profitable!
Here's why, think about your wedding band, say you paid about $100.00 for it. But... as a manufacturer of jewelry parts, chances
are you could have bought a wedding band from us for about $35.00 and the difference =PROFITS!
Because we are the manufacturer and supplier of these parts at major discounts, and because we offer a unique product that you can assemble quickly and easily, you can cash in on the profits that are created by making the jewelry yourself!
We'll even show you how it's done...

Click Here for 'Here's How'