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Ordering Alternatives

If you wish, you can use the shopping cart to generate your order and then print it out instead of placing it over the web.

To do this, simply add items to your shopping cart until you are through shopping and then click 'Checkout'. You can then check the items in your cart and make any changes you wish.

When you are satisfied with your selections just click 'Place Order Now'. You will then be asked to fill in your shipping information on the convenient 'One Page Checkout' form. When you are satisfied with this step, then click 'Get Shipping Rates'.

You will then see a page that summarizes your order. -Simply select your shipping method, and print this page. You can then simply close the internet and mail or Fax your printed page to us...

The Mailing Address is: Tripp's Manufacturing, PO Box 1369, Socorro, NM 87801

The Fax number is 575-835-2848.

Thank you and enjoy your shopping!