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We manufacture unique jewelry parts called "Tripp's Easy Mount Pre-Notched Settings".
The beautiful rings, earrings and other parts are ready to set Gems into with none of the preparation that used to be required before a gem could be set.
With Easy Mounts you just buy the Gem and the Mounting that fits it and "set" the Gem by simply bending the prongs over to hold the stone! It is literally that easy!
We provide you with everything you need,
including the Gems, the Jewelry and the tool to do the setting.

We even have a video to show you how it's done...
It's fun and it's profitable, to create jewelry using the Easy Mount system of gemsetting

Place your Gem into the Easy Mount Setting                    Adjust the Gemsetting Pliers to Fit the Prong                    Bend the Prong onto the Gem                  1. Place the Gem into the setting            2. Set the pliers to fit the prong           3. Bend the prongs down

This is the program, we provide you with the materials, instruction and tool to create beautiful, professional jewelry  at super wholesale prices. You will be amazed at how easy it is, and how profitable the jewelry business can be!     ...You Can Do It! .
      ..We Guarantee it!

  So contact us now and our friendly operators will rush you the materials you need to get started on your way to   success!

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